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Learn More About Effective Altruism

For those interested in developing a deeper understanding of EA there are a number of great fellowships available. EA Virtual Programs are opportunities for anyone around the world to engage intensively with the ideas of effective altruism through readings, videos, podcasts, exercises, and weekly small-group discussions. Each program lasts 8 weeks, and you’ll have weekly 1-hour discussions with a cohort of 3-5 participants and one facilitator. Before attending each discussion, you’ll spend roughly 2 hours completing a set of readings (and sometimes a brief written exercise).

Introductory EA Programme

In-Depth EA Programme

The Precipice Reading Group

This program is ideal for those new to effective altruism, or for those who have some familiarity, but want to explore the core ideas in a structured way.

This program is ideal for graduates of the introductory program or those with a similar level of experience, who want to dive deeper into more complex EA ideas and examine their key uncertainties about how to best improve the world.

In this reading group, you will read and engage in structured discussions of Toby Ord’s The Precipice, a book about existential risks and safeguarding the future of humanity.

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Impact Through Your Career

On average, we spend 80,000 hours in our career. As such, it is one of the most valuable resources we can use to improve the world. 80,000 hours is an EA non-profit that does research to work out how we can use our careers to help solve the world's most pressing problems. They provide free advice and support to help you have a greater impact with your career.

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Pledge To Donate

For many, donating can be the most effective way to do good. Many Effective Altruists chose to donate based on advice by charity evaluators such as Give Well (an EA non-profit that ranks the most effective charities that are having the greatest positive impact). It conducts its own research, then recommends charities to donate to that maximise the reach of your donation.

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One For The World

Giving What We Can

Donating 1% of your income can be a great way to have an impact without affecting your quality of life. The One For The World Pledge allows you to donate 1% of your post-graduation income to the world's most effective charities (as rated by Give Well). The One For The World Pledge is most popular amongst EA students.

Giving What We Can is a community of effective givers who pledge to donate at least 10% of their income to effective charities. Collectively, the community has pledged to donate over $2 billion.

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Influence EA Ideas

EA is a progressive movement and encourages development and critique of its ideas, as well as research within high-impact cause areas. Below are some ways to engage with EA discussion, and pursue high impact research.

Effective Thesis

EA Hub

EA Forum

Effective Thesis is a service that helps university students pursue impactful research. This includes developing research skills, finding the most impactful areas to investigate, and finding where research can take your career. See their online resources or apply for their tailored coaching.

This is a great platform to reach out to active members in the EA community. Whether you want to learn more about a field from a specialist, collaborate on research and other projects, or just network for career opportunities, this is a simple and efficient platform to get started.

The EA Forum is a massive blog with posts on a range of different EA topics. Posts can be anything from informative essays and thesis summaries to discussion threads on specific problems and opinions. This is a great way to get involved in discussion about any specific EA topic you are interested in.

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